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Hamza Akram Qawwal & Brothers represent the latest generation of Qawwali. Grandsons of Ustad Munshi Raziuddin, they belong to the 805-year-old "Qawwal Bachcha Gharana," also known as "Delhi Gharana." They are direct descendants of Miyan Saamat bin Ibrahim (the first student of Hz. Amir Khusrau) and the 6th generation of Ustad Tanras Khan Sahib (founder of Delhi Gharana). They are currently being trained in Eastern classical music by Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami and in Qawwali by Ustaad Fareed Ayaz. Additionally, they are learning some Western classical theory and piano.

This young group has performed at many festivals. Hamza has toured all over the world as a frontline singer of the legendary Qawwali group of Pakistan. Recently, he sang and composed a song for Bollywood and worked as a composer and lead singer with a well-recognized record label in the USA. With his firm roots, he now wants to explore, with respect, the sound of his forefathers in his own way, inspired by the sound of every musical object in the universe.

Express Tribune story on Hamza Akram: "The Qawwal Also Rises" "Newest Voice from Oldest Tradition" http://tribune.com.pk/story/545558/the-qawwal-also-rises/.

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