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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Gypsy , India , Mediterranean
Genres: celtic, gypsy, jewish pop
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Photo by: HHATS
About: HHATS-Subway
Photo by: HHATS
About: HHATS-La cuadra
Photo by: HHATS
About: HHATS Gaceta,GDL.MX
Photo by: HHATS
About: HHATS-MX City 2015
Photo by: HHATS
About: HHATS
HHATS,Maria Barros was born in Rochester NY,USA. Sefardic & Gypsy descendient composer her first song at 11 years.The project started in spanish ,however the music was too different for the chilean music market.Finnaly she released her first professional album in 2013,Two Hats,Electronic Gypsy 2014,Wheel of fortune 2018,inspired in travels,and the lost culutre and religion of her ancestors.Fusion Project.