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Griselda Sanderson
New video by Griselda Sanderson A new video has just been released of a track from my album 'Radial'. 'Carnera, The Biggest Horse features Louis Bingham on guitar, Moroccan gnawa master Simo Lagnawi on awisha and myself on nyckelharpa. It will be available in the shops, on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc. on October 9th. In the meantime you can get a copy from Waulk Records here!store/c1ey2 En... more
New nyckelharpa album \'Radial\' out soon It's been six years since UK-based nyckelharpa player Griselda Sanderson's last solo album 'Harpaphonics' came out. 'Radial' (due out September 2015 on Waulk Records) is a celebration of traditional Swedish polskas and original compositions. With accompanists Louis Bingham, James Dumbelton & Luke Jones on guitar and guest appearances by Moroccan gnawa master Simo Lagnawi on guembri and han... more
Griselda Sanderson plays the fiddle and nyckelharpa - a Swedish bowed, keyed fiddle with keys and sympathetic strings. Her live act The Radial Band features guitar and cittern player Louis Bingham, Ricardo de Noronha from Portugal on percussion and ethnic wind instruments and Dave Insua-cao on percussion. Her latest album 'Veer', a collaboration with Ricardo de Noronha, comes out in May 201... more
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