God's Unruly Friends, Featuring Dawoud
United States
Influences: India , North American , Middle Eastern
Genres: world, jazz, electro, new genrelessnew genrelessnew genrelessnew genreless music
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About: Renegade Sufi @ the Brooklyn Academy of Music
About: Renegade Sufi @ BAM
About: Dawoud plays dilruba
About: Intimate setting
About: Dawoud the Renegade Sufi
About: Dawoud at Silvana: Harlem, NYC
Since you are intrigued by innovative ideas about music and unprecedented approach to sitar, dilruba, and other instruments, love beauty, heroism, and communion with the Divine, strive for vastness of spirit and profundity of meditative reflection on existence, and you crave a romantic mysticism and the surrender to the dimensions of the spiritual and sensual, then by all means, welcome! You've come to the right place.Dawoud is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, & producer. His work blends east & west, modern & ancient, to invoke a spiritual experience.

God's Unruly Friends is an adventurous ensembleled by Dawoud. Their musical excursions and improvisations on Dawoud's compositions and themes modern and ancient create a unique and beautiful musical experience.

"What truly interests me is creating for the listener a unique and transformational experience. It is vitally important to me that I serve my audience in this way." - Dawoud