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Photo by: Garasadah Records
About: 1 Year Garasadah Records
Garasadha Records is a Nepali label that was founded in June 2017. The founders once met there on a volunteer journey. So the decision was made to establish the label as a Nepali label as well as to support the volunteer organization they worked for, with every income the label will make. This music label focuses on transnational sound productions. Especially cultural diversity and the implementation of indigenous sound fragments are characteristics of its music. However, the confluence of generic downbeat and house elements as well as world music is no longer contradictory but a certain style of symbiotically revel. Garasadha pursues the approach of holistic music. This approach will be seen in the art of covers, the style of texts, the handling of management, and at last, of course, in the implementation of music. The sound of Garasadha is produced in 432 Hz so that the music reflects the beat of life and swings in the rhythm of our cells.
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