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August 2023 #38 - Top 40 for African Influence Don't Spoil My Name (track)
September 2022 #31 - Top 40 for African Influence Don't Spoil My Name (track)
The Bigshots Band was originally formed in 2008 and came to its present lineup five years ago. One of the core objectives of the band is to research Ghanaian folk songs, nursery rhymes, children's rhythmic games, and play songs, and rearrange them so as to bring them to international repute. The band revives the Highlife and Afro-jazz feel in Ghana's popular music by creatively drawing on an immense musical tradition of Highlife greats, Ghana's and West Africa's Highlife and Afrobeat music. They do this with an elaborate approach to musical technique, playfulness, arrangement, sound, and performance. In more than ten years of live playing in Ghana, the band has started to contribute its own style to contemporary African popular music and 'world music'.