A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music
Fusion Factory
Saudi Arabia
When you follow trends, you're affected and influenced by them, but when you create trends, you affect and influence life.

Fusion Factory is a group of musically talented individuals that perform live-styled music that is catchy, soulful, and globally familiar. It takes popular and familiar songs of various genres and recreates them with added elements of various styles ranging from Middle Eastern musical flavors like Khaleeji, Egyptian, and Shami to Western styles like Blues, Jazz, Latin, Rock, and Pop, to Indian, Persian, and Asian styles.

Fusion Factory focuses on the fusion of diversely influenced musical talents from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The show provides a platform for renowned as well as upcoming artists, of various genres, regions, and languages, to collaborate musically in live and professional studio recording sessions.

The idea was conceived and initiated by Moiz Rehman, who had been recording and performing for 6 years at various venues in Jeddah. He was later joined by Yazan Haikal, Mazen Rahhal, Muhannad Al-Sayyed, Abdullah Al-Najjar, and Karim Hmede.

Fusion Factory Members:
1- Moiz Rehman: Conception/Founder/Head Composer

2- Yazan Haikal: Co-Founder/House Band (Bass Guitar)

3- Mazen Rahhal: Co-Founder/Manager/House Band (Singer)

4- Ahmad Angawi: Co-Founder/House Band (Rhythm Guitarist)

5- Karim Hmede: House Band (Flute, Nai)

6- Abdullah Najjar: House Band (Oud)

7- Muhannad Al-Sayyed (Rusty): House Band (Guitarist)

8- Loulwa Al-Sharif: House Band (Singer)

9- Ozzeir Manzar: Sound Engineer, House Band (Turntables), DJ