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Photo by: DHARMA
Photo by: DHARMA
DHARMA is a musical duo from Serbia, performing improvised experimental jazz music, inspired by the internal sound. The music of Dharma is a combination of various acoustic and electric instruments, processors, and loopers. In the hour-long concert repertoire of the group, there is an experiment, interactive exchange of ideas with an emphasis on jazz, ancient Sanskrit mantras, practice, and play with sound acoustics. Members of Dharma are Jasna Jovicevic (saxophones, flutes, percussion) and Armand Mesaros (bass).

Jasna Jovicevic is a saxophonist and composer who spent twenty years abroad, studied, and played (Budapest, New York, Toronto, Brazil, India, etc.). Her long musical experience in jazz music led her into improvisation and experimenting, deriving inspiration from nature, yoga, and sound diversities. Jasna holds a master's degree in music and a yoga teacher license, works as an educator, directs a cultural NGO, plays in several bands, and is an active participant in the local and international jazz scene.

Armand Mesaros is a professional musician, bass guitarist, who plays a variety of styles in multiple musical groups. Educated in Subotica and Budapest, he is one of the co-founders of Junior Music Studio in Subotica, with broad experience as an educator. He is engaged in documentary films and videos and is also an active member of the local and international music scene.
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