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The Critical Quartet Experience was born in 2013. At first, the group was built around some compositions and covers in a rather jazz-rock tone. Soon, the group found its identity in its music and on the stage, integrating singing, creating new compositions, and especially by seeking to develop a scenic identity based on humor and derision in music that is too often taken seriously and not necessarily accessible to everybody. Initially, the concept was born in the form of improvisations, impromptu situations, interactions with the public...

Then, little by little, an identity was drawn, also due to the human cohesion between the members of the group and the desire to share that with others. Today, the group is working to develop a real show between music and theater while keeping a part of freedom and improvisation that makes its trademark.

Group members:
- Arthur Dardennes: guitar/vocals
- Kévin Mesples: bass/vocals
- Jonathan Rolland: drums/vocals
- Hugo Brun: piano/machines/vocals

Discover their new album: MENTAL DISTORTION.
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