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Photo by: Barrymore
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Photo by: Barrymore
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Photo by: Barrymore
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Photo by: Barrymore
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Barrymore began his singing career at the interesting age of 5 years old. He went on to pursue his professional career during America's 'musical renaissance' at 16 years old in local nightclubs. He then continued with dates in Paris, various cities in Europe, and the Monte Carlo 'Sporting Club', following the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sy Oliver while performing in 'Vive le Musical', a production by André Levasseur. In the 80s/90s, he produced and recorded his first singles 'So Long Time' and 'Motorcycle' with Rick Danko of The Band on Palladium Records (BMI), after which he produced the cable TV music-variety show 'Barrymore's Patio'. He continued with Gospel tours in Lisbon, Madrid, and throughout France. His R&B/Jazz/Blues performances engaged him in Ibiza, Sicily, Corsica, Greece, Versailles, and Germany. He has recently created and collaborated with Grammy-winning guitarist Brandon 'Bizzythowed' Hollemon (The Weeknd) and Steve McCraven (Archie Shepp) in Paris and the U.S. in Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk Rock, and Gospel.
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