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Ame Kora
United States
Influences: African
Genres: folk, west africanworld, traditionalindigenouswest africanworld, traditionalindigenousafricanwest africanworld, traditionalindigenousafricanworld, traditional, african, traditionalindigenousafrican music
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Photo by: Ame Kora
About: Amadou Fall
Photo by: Ame Kora
About: Amadou Fall
Photo by: Ame Kora
About: Amadou Fall
Born of West African origins, he has been making beautiful music for years and we would love to let the world know more about his awe-inspiring West African Kora music.Amadou Fall has a passion to bring people together from all over the world through the unique music he produces from his Kora. Music has been uniting people together in peace and this is also something that Amadou is very enthusiastic about. Amadou has been playing Kora for 20 years now and has performed with various artists such as Baba Maal, Fatou Lowbe, Ibrahim Ba, Vieux Farka Toure, Djembe Rhythm, Irene Tassambendo and many more.

Discover his musical stylings with the West African harp called the kora.