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April 04/07/23, 2023
Parvati is a Hindu goddess, a daughter of the Lord of the Mountains and Queen Mena. Parvati is known for her devotion to Shiva, and it is thought that chanting her mantras will confer this devotion to your own relationships. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the goddess energy, full of kindness and compassion. Parvati is the symbol of divine strength, power, love, and productiveness. As a goddess of family and love, she is the ideal entity to turn to for help with marriage, parenting, and fertility.

Indian Trap aka J2 (Shakira, LL Cool J, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna) released his third single — “Parvati Mantra (Aigiri Nandini)” — co-written with award-winning South Indian artist S. J. Jananiy, who performs all the vocals on the forthcoming album. The renowned L.A. producer is collaborating with Jananiy to create an entirely new sound for yoga, dance, and spiritual music fans: combining ancient Sanskrit mantras with classical Indian vocal techniques and contemporary Trap Music.

"I want to reach the next generation with these mantras,” says Indian Trap. "When I learned that the Shaivite Hindu tradition believes that matter is vibration and the cosmos is sound, it got me thinking! At its best, music is a cosmic energy that removes negativity and obstacles, bringing peace, focus, and satisfaction to all who listen. That's what people want and need."

Mantras are prayers that millions have used daily for over three thousand years; there are many mantras to honor and appeal to the gods and deities. Parvati, also known as Uma, is the supreme goddess in Hinduism representing the qualities of beauty, compassion, creativity, and strength. According to Hindu mythology, Parvati was created by Shakti to attract the mourning Shiva's attention, and won his heart by relating to him through his passions and determination. Parvati's intellect and spirit ultimately diverted Shiva's focus from his meditation to her, and to the rest of the universe. Parvati is Lord Shiva's consort, and they live together in bliss with their children, Ganesh and Skanda. Along with Lakshmi and Saraswati, Parvati forms the Tridevi, a powerful triad of eminent Hindu goddesses.

Polygenre singer S. J. Jananiy is currently a five-time nominee in the 2023 International Singer Songwriter Association, Inc. Awards (ISSA), including International Female Vocalist of the Year, Int'l. Female Singer of the Year, Int'l. Female Songwriter of the Year, Int'l. Vocal Duo of the Year and Int'l. Female Music Video of the Year; details and voting at She recorded her vocals and the instruments for the mantra project with a hypnotic beat and melodic synths, Indian temple bells, flutes and 808 basses, very much enjoying the challenge of combining the classical and contemporary Indian vocal techniques, she says.

Described by Cineblitz as having a "magical essence," the single is now available worldwide. A dynamic lyric video features a performance by Jananiy, and is further supported by a robust social media campaign engaging social media reels, stories and posts. Prior to "Parvati Mantra," the collaborators released "Shiva Mantra" and "Durga Mantra" with both tracks garnering tens of thousands of likes in streaming and social media; "Shiva Mantra" was picked up as a favorite track for TikTok's popular yoga #BalanceChallenge. Each track on the forthcoming album coincides with one of the many festivals celebrating the Hindu Gods and deities; the complete album is expected to release this summer.

The song lyrics translate as the following:

Salutations to lord of all beings, Salutations to god of Gods,
Salutations to the death, to god of death, salutations to the great light,
Salutations to he who he made Manmatha (one who churns the mind) into ashes,
Salutations to one who is calm by nature,
Salutations to the consort of Parvathi who has a blue neck.

Salutations to the daughter of the mountain, who fills the whole World with Joy, for whom the whole world is a divine play and who is praised by Nandi, who dwell on the summit of the Vindhyas, the best of the mountains, who gives joy to Lord Vishnu (being his sister) and who is praised by Lord Indra,

Goddess, who is the consort of the one with blue throat (Lord Shiva), who has many many relations in this world (being the cosmic mother) and who created abundance (in creation), victory to you, the destroyer of the demon Mahishasura, who has beautiful locks of hair and who is the daughter of the mountain.

The Story of Parvati

Parvati is depicted in various forms and is revered as a symbol of feminine power and grace. The Aigir Nandini mantra in the song praises the divine qualities of the goddess, including her strength, beauty, and victory over the demon Mahishasura (a deceitful demon who pursues his evil ways by shape-shifting).

Parvati, also known as Uma, is a Hindu deity and the supreme goddess in Hinduism. She represents beauty, compassion, creativity, and strength. Parvati is Lord Shiva’s consort and together they have two children, Ganesh and Skanda. She is also known by several other Hindu names including Adi-shakti, Kali, Goddess Laxmi, Adi Parashakti, Shakti, Devi, Durga, Tripura Sundari, Sati, Saraswati, Tridevi, Chinnamasta, and more.

As an element of Maha Shakti, the mother of the cosmos, Parvati is connected to both the universal and individual energies of creation. The Parvati mantra comes in different forms, each with its own benefits, and is often used interchangeably with Shakti mantras. Parvati is the defender and origin of the cosmos and all of humankind.

According to Hindu mythology, Shakti took the form of Parvati to awaken Shiva from his meditative state after he withdrew from the world following the loss of his wife. Parvati was created by Shakti to attract Shiva’s attention and won his heart by relating to him through his passions and determination. Parvati’s intellect and spirit ultimately diverted Shiva’s focus from his meditation to her and the rest of the universe.

Parvati carries a three-pronged trident which removes evil on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. In the human body, the trident represents the place where the three main energy channels, or nadi, meet at the third eye. The central channel, which is the longer, central point on the trident, continues upwards to the crown. Parvati is part of a trinity of Hindu goddesses that also includes Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and learning. It is said that these divine powers have created this earth and we are the living beings residing on this planet.

Aigiri Nandini is a very popular devotional stotra of Goddess Durga Devi written by Guru Adi Shankaracharya. A stotra can be a description, a conversation, or a prayer, but always with a poetic structure. In Sanskrit, Giri means mountain, and Aigiri means daughter of the Mountain king. Nandini means the one who gives joy to the world.


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