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3 times in the Global Top 40
October 2020 #12 - Global Top 40 Dinya Haye (track)
October 2020 #30 - Global Top 40 Bingol (track)
November 2020 #27 - Global Top 40 Dinya Haye (track)
Photo by: Rewşan
About: Rewşan
Photo by: Rewşan
About: Rewşan
Photo by: Rewşan
About: Rewşan
Photo by: Rewşan
About: Rewşan
Photo by: Rewşan
Photo by: Rewşan
About: Bass Guitar/ Hakan Gürbüz- Concert Of Berlin
I was born in Tatvan, Mesopotamia. After completing my bachelor's program in Psychological Counseling and Guidance, I got my master's degree in Acting.

I'm a singer and I play the viola, violin, and ukulele. I took the stage with many private orchestras and bands until 2005, and afterward, I decided to continue as a solo artist with my own band. Since then, I have performed in most cities in Turkey and given concerts at various festivals and events in several cities and countries in Europe.

My first album "Ax Lê Wesê" was released in 2018, which included many traditional forgotten Kurdish and Armenian folk songs that were also arranged by me. This is why this album established my own style that I call "Progressive Folk Music." The following year, I released four singles by using both Western and Eastern instruments together, creating a unique harmony in my form.

Finally, in 2020, I released my second album "Tov" (Seed), which contains my own written songs and the lyrics of famous Kurdish poets, and holds a very special place in my heart. In this album, I also found an opportunity to work with very influential musicians.

I had to stop tours and cancel my concert calendar due to unfortunate pandemic events, and I can't wait to be on the road with music lovers again.

* Yarê / Single / 2022
* Xuçê / Single / 2022
* Kavir / Single / 2022
* Şalik Şînokê / Single / 2021
* Tov / Album / 2020, CK Music Production, Istanbul
* Destmala Min / Single / 2019
* Bingol / Single / 2019
* Kirase Te / Single / 2018
* Azizakam / Single / 2018
* Ax Lê Wesê / Album / 2018, Dijitalent Production, Los Angeles
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