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Influences: African , North African , North American
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Quenellx95 Profile karly kwanele  (born August 20, 1995), known professionally as Quenell x95 (/ˌTriple coma/; formerly stylized as Ťřīpłə čõmä), is an African rapper, Vocalist, songwriter, and record producer. Que x95 is among the best music artists of all time, with estimated South Africa Trading of over 10 Thousands records. He is credited with popularizing hip hop in Middle African and is critically acclaimed as one of the greatest rappers of all time in Underground rappers in South Africa. more
Photo by: Quenellx95
About: Quenellx95
Photo by: Quenellx95
About: Quenellx95
karly minashly country pop musician known as Quenell x95 and Triple coma. Que x95 is a Vocalist singer hip hop rapper a producer and mixer
born in 20/08/95.
lives in Durban - kwamashu

latest album released - Quenell X95 under HandanzinR Entertainment
album Gentres - Country music
Hip hop music
Pop music and R&b

older album -
2011 He released album called

2012 He released album called
(Evol trumpet)

2013 He released album called
(Zee Origin)

2014 He released album called
(G.u Origin)

2016 He released album called
(Black Guy)

2017 He released album called
(Sweet Revenge)
and he also reased Ep with 3 tracks as Ep called Shortes (Dissing 18 gangs squad)

2018 He released album called

Quenell x95 is a country pop musician
from Ekasi...

Quenell x95 latest album is now available on music websites.

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facebook - Quenell minashly
whatsapp - 065 529 2958

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