Peter Sterling
United States
Influences: Caribbean , Jewish , Balkan
Genres: new age
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August 2023 #1 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence Invocation (video)
August 2023 #14 - Global Top 40 Invocation (video)
eter Sterling is a award winning harpist who began to play after a series of life changing angelic encounter's in the canyons of Sedona in the early 1990's. His heart felt and celestial harp music has touched the hearts and souls of people world wide with many listeners reporting beautiful visions and even miraculous healing's while listening to Peter's heavenly music. During his 28 year career with the harp his recordings have been at the top of the radio charts and nominated for several awards. Recently Peter’s album Sanctuary of Light won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best New Age/Ambient album of 2021.And his most recent album The Winding Way won the COVR Gold Visionary Award for Best New Age Record of the year for 2022!! Visit Peter at