Influence: Jewish
Genre: new age
About "Invocation "
The music video for your song "Invocation" takes viewers on a visually captivating journey through the themes of spiritual quest, divine presence, and the struggle between worldly distractions and higher consciousness. The storyline unfolds as follows:

1. Opening:
The video opens with a serene and mystical scene of an ancient abbey or church, bathed in golden sunlight streaming through stained glass windows. The atmosphere is tranquil, inviting the audience into a sacred space.
2. Clothilde's Arrival:
Clothilde, a figure cloaked in ethereal white garments, enters the abbey. She represents the embodiment of the spiritual seeker. As she walks through the cloisters, her steps resonate with purpose and determination. The camera captures her face, revealing a serene expression as she listens to the distant voice of a woman speaking of light and sacredness.
3. Temptations:
As Clothilde continues her journey, she encounters various alluring and seductive elements representing the distractions of the physical world. These temptations manifest as vibrant dancers, extravagant feasts, and enticing landscapes. They symbolize the pleasures and material desires that can divert one's focus from spiritual goals.
4. Inner Struggle:
Clothilde finds herself torn between the path of the sacred and the allure of worldly temptations. Symbolic imagery portrays her internal struggle as she wrestles with her desires and strives to maintain her spiritual intentions. This conflict is visually depicted through a dance of light and shadows within the abbey, reflecting the battle between the forces of darkness and the divine light.
5. Divine Intervention:
In the midst of Clothilde's struggle, the Holy Spirit, represented as a radiant presence or divine energy, makes his presence felt. The atmosphere shifts, and the surroundings are filled with a celestial glow. The divine intervention serves as a reminder of the ultimate goal of spiritual ascension.
6. Transcendence:
Empowered by the divine presence, Clothilde overcomes her inner conflicts and renews her commitment to her spiritual quest. With newfound determination, she embarks on a transformative dance, symbolizing the shedding of earthly attachments and the transcendence of her physical self.
7. Ascension:
As the music reaches its climax, Clothilde's movements become more fluid and graceful, symbolizing her elevation to a higher state of consciousness. The camera pans out, revealing her ascending into a realm of light, leaving behind the distractions and temptations of the physical world.
8. Epilogue:
The music video concludes with a serene shot of the abbey, now bathed in a gentle glow. The sense of peace and fulfillment is palpable as the lingering presence of the Holy Spirit lingers in the space, signifying the culmination of Clothilde's spiritual journey.
The music video for "Invocation" weaves together elements of spirituality, temptation, and ultimate transcendence, creating a visually stunning narrative that invites viewers to contemplate their own spiritual paths and aspirations.