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Persian Electro Orchestra
Influences: Middle Eastern , Scandinavian
Genres: introduction to persian electro orchestra, music
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Persian Music Traditions Hit the Dancefloor

Persian Electro Orchestra:
Copenhagen-based composer and producer Kianoush has, with his Iranian roots, created a unique fusion of danceable electronica and atmospheric Persian soundscapes with his orchestra. The live performances fit well in both underground clubs, festivals and more intimate settings.

Lovely start:
The band’s two first audiovisual concerts in 2019 at Cinemateket sold out; ever since, Persian Electro Orchestra has played numerous concerts, including a collab with Discoshaman at Roskilde Festival (2019) and Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival (2019).

Classical Persian music is - in contrast to Arabic, North African and Turkish music - overlooked in the mainstream. Kianoush decided to look into the matter. Since 2016 he has been taking classes in Persian music culture and recorded a Persian orchestra. Instruments such as santoor, setar, daf, and tombak are used - besides the delightful vocals of Maryam Zohdi - together with heavy bass frequencies to create a unique atmosphere. Expect high energy and low floating dynamics.