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Olena Uutai is one of a kind, no question. In these times where sacred feminine and inspirational workshops are getting more and more accepted, Olena and her shamanic music are paving her way to deserved international recognition. Originating from the Republic of Siberia, Russia, her connection with the forces of Nature and to Mother Earth is something that she practices on a daily basis since her early childhood. An awarded and accomplished pianist, she is a globally respected virtuoso for the jaw harp. She is an amazing ethnic singer, plays ethnic flutes and percussions. Olena also happens to be an experienced shamanic healer and teacher. Her music includes nature sounds like birds and horses that she amazingly impersonates in a sort of sublime trance, presenting a unique genre between world music, traditional chants, shamanic prayers, and sometimes EDM.

Olena seems to see no boundaries when it comes to spreading her message of love, respect for the elements, and infinite gratitude to all living beings. To meet her growing worldwide fan community, she is touring the world, appearing at festivals, workshops, and mainstream TV programs. Each of her out-of-this-world appearances is an event, and she takes pride in showing herself in a radical and bold way, as inspiring others to reach their personal completion on their own terms is obviously a part of the quest.
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