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Marcela Arroyo
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March 2024 #18 - Top 40 for Latin American Influence Canción Hacia Vos (track)
Multifaceted, versatile, and vibrant, it combines elements of South American folklore and tango nuevo with jazz in a very personal way and weaves highly emotional musical landscapes with them.
Marcela Arroyo performs internationally with renowned new tango musicians, standing out for her stage presence and vocal technique. In her songs, she seeks the essence of life, drawing inspiration from the Argentine and European musical ecosystems, from the freedom of form, and connected to her roots.

The world music vocalist has become an international success thanks to her work alongside well-known musicians from the tango nuevo and Argentine folk scenes, such as Dino Saluzzi, Marcelo Nisinman, and Latin Grammy Award winner Quique Sinesi.
Arroyo recorded her first album, Puerta Sur, with bassist Daniel Schläppi and violinist Andreas Engler. Produced by Radio SRF2 for the jazz label Catwalk, the album was praised by critics.
Her follow-up albums, Pasión Poética with bandoneon player Marcelo Nisinman and the Saxismtango ensemble, New Tango Songbook with guitarist Julio Azcano (both under Sony Music/Solo Musica), and the latest release, Tres Mil Uno (Catwalk), with Andreas Engler and Daniel Schläppi, have also been widely acclaimed.
Marcela Arroyo studied voice at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory in Buenos Aires, later continuing her training at the Julio Bocca School of Musical Theater. She has received instruction from renowned artists Anibal Arias, Leda Valladares, Hilda Herrera, and Juan Manuel Miró.
The native Argentine played the main role in the tango operita María de Buenos Aires in Zurich, Darmstadt, and Lucerne. She was nominated for the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2018 with her Trio Puerta Sur.
Her last album, "De Par En Par," is released by Double Moon Records and is a co-production of Swiss National Radio SRF 2 Kultur.
She lives in Switzerland and performs in both Europe and Argentina.

Description of her show
Seeing Marcela on stage is to go through an emotional journey, where the audience can feel the closeness and connection, letting themselves be carried away by the singer's charisma and vocal art. In the show, she presents her songs, spinning her stories, and showing her scenic and theatrical abilities. She performs in a trio with guitar and double bass or accompanied by a first-class sextet, from which trumpet, piano, double bass, and guitar solos emerge, whose swing leaves no one unmoved!
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