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Lulo Reinhardt is the foremost authentic and distinctive musical voice in Gypsy music today. Critics and fans agree that it is not solely because Lulo is the great-nephew of world-famous musician extraordinaire Django Reinhardt; it's about Lulo's unique musical genius and his ability to make it appear so utterly effortless.

In the spirit of tradition and family, Lulo has devoted his life to music. He first showed an interest during his formative years. By the age of five, Lulo was already being handed down the guitar tradition through his father, Bawo. By the time he was 12, he was performing with his cousins in the Koblenz-based Mike Reinhardt Sextet. Over the years, Lulo expanded his musical horizons as he delved into the music of other cultures. Today, Lulo continues to explore and perform a fusion of styles, including flamenco, Latin, and Brazilian jazz. He combines these with his own artistic stamp, and always with a nod to his Gypsy influences.


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