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Lars Bo Kujahn & Kasper Søeborg Duo
December 12/15/20, 2020
New release New album:
Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn:
WORD'N GLOBAL (Olafssongs OCD 068)
Can now be ordered in Olafssong's Webshop, downloaded from iTunes - and heard on the streaming services.
The CD contains the three previous singles "The Indifferent", "Rumi" and HighJazz "and 8 intensive instrumental tracks. Music inspired by Andalusian flamenco fire over Oriental arabesques to Scandinavian coolness.
It is instrumental music with both lyrical meditative and energetic explosive moments.
A style that Søeborg & Kujahn with a twinkle in the eye calls:
Scandaluzian Fusion. Music by Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn.
The concept is instrumental music composed and played inspired by poems from Rumi (Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī, 1207-1273) and more than 1000 years old Chinese poems.
Kasper Søeborg: Spanish guitar - and Gibson Les Paul on a single track
Lars Bo Kujahn: Qanoon and percussive effects
Nantha Kumar: Tabla
Shashank Subramanyam: Indian bamboo flute
Chris Poole: Flute
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cyborg Studio, Copenhagen, by
Kasper Søeborg
Produced by Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn
Executive producer: Finn Olafsson Cover
cover photo: Shazia Khan - other photos by Kasper Søeborg Cover
layout: Torsten Olafsson
Musical effects by Lars Bo Kujahn & Kasper Søeborg
Produced with support from KODA's Cultural Resources.


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"Word`n Global" Scandalucian fusion -The Duo plays music with inspiration from Andaluzian Flamenco-fire over Oriental ornaments, to Scandinavian roots and coolness. Lars Bo Kujahn: Qanoon and percussion.Kasper Søeborg Spanish and 12-str. guitar.It is instrumental music including lyrical meditations as well as explosive moments filled with energy.Working on a new project : Word’n Gl... more
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