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Photo by: Karolina Cicha
About: An album '9 Languages'
Photo by: Karolina Cicha
About: Poland-Pakistan. Music Without Borders - The Concert offer
Photo by: Karolina Cicha
About: POLAND - PAKISTAN. Music Without Borders
Karolina Cicha is a singer-songwriter, actress, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. One-woman orchestra. She plays many instruments at once and sings using vocal techniques that she developed herself.

Alongside her music, she has also worked regularly in the theater. Between 2007 and 2009, she played and sang the title roles in "Electra" and "Ifigenia in A…" by "Gardzienice" Theatre (direction W. Staniewski) - performances based on reconstructions of antique music.

She has won prizes at some of the most prestigious festivals in Poland and abroad. She won the Grand Prix at the Student Song Festival in Krakow, the second prize at the Actor's Song Review in Wroclaw, and the first prize at the Chansonsfestival in Koln, Germany.

In 2013, Cicha - with Bart Pałyga and Company won the GRAND PRIX and AUDIENCE PRIZE at the NEW TRADITION - the biggest Polish folk festival organized by Polish Radio.

See the video of the concert.

The same year, they released an album "9 Languages" where Cicha sings in the languages of minorities spoken in North-East Poland.

In 2014, the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage gave her the prestigious grant called "Młoda Polska" to develop her instrumentarium.

The "9 Languages" Concert was shown in:

Sweden (Euroradio Folk Festival)

Ukraine (ArtPole Festival)

Germany (FolkBALTICA Festival)

Czech Republic (Folk Holidays)

Poland (Warsaw Cross Culture Festival; Ethnoport Festival)

Lithuania (Suklegos Festival)

Portugal (FMM Sines Festival; ACERT Tondela Festival)

Belarus (Kamianitza Festival)
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