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United States
May 05/17/21, 2021
 Kristen Mather de Andrade Unveils Stunning Release Kristen Mather de Andrade, the singer, clarinetist, and arranger based in New York, just graced us with her album Clarao’s first single, “Côco Tara Tá Tá". Originally from a small Ohio town, Kristen discovered her niche and passion for Brazilian music in 2011. The music of Brazil has consumed her and her new album Clarao, which means “flash of light” in Portuguese, is very dear to the artist, as her husband is also from Brazil.

As Kristen is principal clarinetist of the West Point Band, it’s not surprising that “Côco Tara Tá Tá” is beautifully done, and a treat to the ears. Beginning with a beautiful clarinet feature by Kristen, this song is upbeat and is sure to lighten the mood of any listener. A mostly instrumental track, it showcases each instrument beautifully without ever feeling overwhelming. A joyful group vocal repeating the songs title leads us out, interwoven with enticing clarinet melodies displaying Kristens masterstry of the instrument. This arrangement of Severino Araújo’s “Côco Tara Tá Tá” is one to take a listen to.

Currently a professor at Manhattanville College, Kristens release of “Côco Tara Tá Tá” is a perfect launch to her first full-length album and music career. The wildly talented musician’s album Clarao will be out on all streaming platforms soon. For now, keep bumping “Côco Tara Tá Tá”!

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