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About "A Mone Nyina By Abakuya"
François Essindi and his group offer a journey through rhythms and warm and captivating sounds.
The mvet are a traditional instrument that is played in the African equatorial region. It has four strings on a curved rod in which are attached three or four calabashes.
Then the ngomo, so traditional harp, snail shells, the pygmy flute, tam tam call (nkul) and unusual instruments he makes himself.

François ESSINDI   is an artist and a musician from Cameroon. He plays traditional wind, skin-stretched, stringed and body-activated instruments such as : Stringed  : Mvet, Ngomo (traditional harps) Wind : Pygmy flute, leaves, mouth –activated bow Drums : Nkul ( calling drum ), Ngom (long drum ), Djembe , Cajon , … Body percussion : snail-shell and hazeln... more
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