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Our work, our proposal, the instruments that we use ...

Jan 5, 2014
Our work, our proposal, the instruments that we use ...

I will present here a brief discussion of this work, in the hope that this information serves.

François Essindi is a multidisciplinary artist, traditionally formed the practice of traditional stringed instruments, and percussion.
Percussion side, it offers introductory workshops instruments and rhythm.

The nkul or call tam tam (a hollow wooden ball with two sides (lips) and two main tones (low tone and high tone ...)
The skin drums (djembe, long drum, drum cost, gourds ...)
The snail shell: play on the body.
The bells, the bamboo, the maracasses ...)

Quoted strings (the Mvet the Ngomo ...), since 2005 he worked with Jimi Sofo, an Australian bassist for Abakuya musical project www.abakuya.net

the traditional wind instruments southern Cameroon are single flute tone (single tone ...) complemented by way of the human player. These are pygmy flutes.

Jimi Sofo is an Australian bassist, globetrotter to recehrche new vibs and musical sensations ...
He plays bass guitar, didgeridoo and cello.
We associate another percussionist (drummer) for some of our concerts.
We offer workshops for artistic exchanges a day before or after our concert.
We are motivated to share our Art.
Thank you and put a lot of hope to see this year 2014 for the festival.
I wish you a happy new year 2014.
For information about our work, you can either contact me at tel:
00336 95 67 28 15
My email: abakuya@gmail.com
Or contact our booking agent:
Bryan for optiasso