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About: Invincible Duo
Debapriya & Samanwayaare the most sought after Duo even being excellent Soloists. They are unique and a rare duo culminating the Voice and Sitar, presenting the finer aspects and pure sound of Indian Classical of Music merging the traditional approach learnt over more than 27 years with their innovative mind.

They have been learning and learnt with celebrated Maestros of India and have proven themselves in the worldof music assoloists and consistent duo of a unique and rare culmination of Vocal and Sitarsince the age of 20s and presentlythey are in their early thirties yet their fans and followers and music lovers admire them for their understanding and knowledge, musical subtlety and broadness, technical richness and aesthetic wisdom.They both are “A” graded artistes of All India Radio and Doordarshan that’s an honour by the Prasar Bharati an autonomous body under Govt of India. In their teenage hey were awarded First Prize on behalf of President of India at the National Level competition by All India Radio at Instrumental and Vocal category as soloists.They won first prizes at many other competitions at the state and national level and also received several scholarships for their exceptional credibility.

You may enjoy few of their clips or google their names.

A few media appraisals of our music from around the world:

·“Young DuoDebapriyaAdhikary andSamanwayaSarkarregaled the audience with their jugalbandi. Though their jugalbandi was different that the others, they complemented each other’s style and presentation.”

DNA Pune on Sawai Gandharva Festival

·A Heartwarming sitar and vocals jugalbandi by young duoSamanwayaSarkar andDebapriyaAdhikary, the confluence of their expressions of music and perfect harmony left the listeners spellbound.

The Indian Express on Sawai Gandharva Festival

·A very congenial delivery of vocal and instrumental notes by Kolkata’s Devapriyo Adhikari and Samanvay Sarkar (Sitar) . The two youngsters were perfectly complementary to each other as they exploited the complexity of Raga Desi.

TOI Times City on Sawai Gandharva Festival

···“An Indian duo keeps the Théâtre des Abbesses enthralled……

One could hear the departing audience waxing lyrical about their subtlety and their gift for keeping listeners enthralled….The night opened with raga Marwa whose very long introduction (alap), forty-five heavenly minutes of leisurely delicacy, shone like a sparkling jewel in sound –not so much in the Théâtre des Abbesses as really out of this world.

Patrick Labesse in Le Monde, Paris

···Heavenly Notes …………Adhikary’s mellifluous voice transverse over the three octaves while the sitar’s honeyed strokes were steeped in gayaki ang. The most enjoyable part was their perfect mutual understanding that flowed like the hidden yet intensifying undercurrent of Saraswati alongwith Ganga and Jamuna’s bi colour confluence….

Meena Banerjee, The Statesman, Kolkata

·Top Musicians for the festival…..Though they are classed as a duet, their interpretation of the music is such that they strive to arrive at a state where the two musicians are in harmony…..Through their playing the notes resonate and reflect the perfect understanding of their art, drawing upon deeply mythical symbols of nature and reality……even the essence of man and consideration of true nature of divinity.

Manx Independent, Port Blair, Isle of Man.

·BothDebapriya’s voice andSamanwaya’s sitar were always relaxed and sweet, through all stages from the slow alap to the most rapid twisting tans…….Throughout the dialogue between voice and sitar was very engaging. The two artistes responded to each other’s improvisations enthusiastically and yet they shared the space completely harmoniously……

Shen Flindell, Brisbane Indian Times, Brisbane

·Adhikary and Sarkar explored the nuances of the raga, exchanging musical phrases in a conversational manner. As the piece unfolded, the two displayed an ever-increasing abandonment to their virtuosity. Sarkar’s sitar playing was sublime and authoritative. He navigated his way around the notoriously difficult to play sitar with ease. His use of meend (sliding/bending strings to create a legato effect reminiscent of vocal quality) was imaginative and beautiful. Adhikary’s vocals were technically flawless, and he possessed a marvelous quality ofexpression.

Dawoud Kringle, Doobeedoobeedoo, New York.

To name a few international festivals they around the globe:

Theatre Kleber Meleau,Switzerland 2018

Brunswick Music Festival 2017

Blue Mountains Music Festival 2017

Parramasala, Australia​,2015 and 2017


​Theatre De La Ville (Abbesses), Paris, France 2013

High Peace Festival Augsburg, Germany 2013They were first ever with other 2 Indian Musicians to be invited to National Theatre of Operas and Ballet, Tirana, Albania. 2010 to commemorate Mother Teresa’s Centenary.Festival Les Orientales Saint-Florent le Vieil, France, 2010

Festival Autres Rivages, Uzes, France, 2010Festival Classica at Evora, Portugal, 2010Learnquest Music Festival, Boston, USA 2010Voixd'été en Creuse, France, 2009Deia International Festival of Music, Spain, 2009Festival International de Musiqued'Uzerche, France 2009National Multicultural Festival of Australia 2008Mananan International Festival for Music and Arts, Isle of Man, British Isles. 2008 and 2017World Peace Day at Sydney Olympic Park of New South Wales in Australia by Sokka GokaiInternational and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Sydney, Australia.2009Milapfest, UK 2008

Few Major festivals In India they performed for:

Kalidas Samaroh, Nagpur 2017.

Aurangabad Festival 2017

Mahamrityunjay Mahotsav ,2015West Bengal Rajya Saneet Music Festival, 2015

Dagruseth Ganpati Sangeet Mahotsav, 2015.Pune Festival, 2014Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav, Pune. 2010Ganavardhan, Pune 2014Swathi Tirunal Sangeetotsav, Trivandrum 2013

Gangamahotsav, Varanasi,Pt. Mallikarjun Music Festival.DHWANI, Bangalore.Institute of Culture, Ramkrishna Mission,KolkataWeavers Studio and Centyre for the Arts, Kolkata.Laxmi Devi Lalit Kala Academy, Kanpur.Samrat Sangeet Sammelan,Goa.India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and many more.