Dan Blanchard
United States
Influences: India , Asian , West European
Genres: fusion, indian classical, folk song, western classical, nepali, lounge, indian classicalchristmas carols, east meets west, indian classicalbuddha bar, santoor
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June 2023 #18 - Top 40 for India Influence Transformation (Raga Bhairav Fusion) (track)
January 2023 #19 - Top 40 for India Influence Rajamati - The Heart of Nepal (video)
September 2022 #15 - Top 40 for India Influence Rajamati - The Heart of Nepal (video)
Dan Blanchard is a multi-instrumentalist, blending ancient Indian Classical Music with world and western music to explore the therapeutic power of music. Dan has been playing western instruments such as guitar and piano since childhood and is classically trained in Indian Classical Music on the santoor by Indian master Pandit Satish Vyas. Joined by other talented musicians from the world and sound healing scene, Dan adapts his music for the modern world, providing a powerful and engaging experience for overall well-being, joy, and inner peace.