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Composer Phillip Kane
United States
Influences: Latin American , Mediterranean
Genres: classical, original compositions, latin, solo, instrumental guitar, promo, live performance, latin. solo, instrumental. guitar, mediterranean
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I'm a Classical Composer Of Classical Latin Style Guitar, the Romantic Period, Italian Minuets, and Spanish Flamenco. I play All Original Guitar Works. I have played numerous performances and all kinds of venues. I have been asked to go on a radio station of Maine and N.H. and ME. T.V. Networks. I have played Weddings, Country Clubs, Wine Tasting Events, Restaurants, Cafes, and all kinds of facilities.I began playing rock guitar at age 7 and am completely self taught.At age 16, I won a Battle of Bands with my Power Trio Band, named Sea Bird, playing my originals and a lot of Jimi Hendrix music and Eric Clapton, the Guitar Giants. I won the battle over two other bands, whose members were much older than me, in their thirties, at Winnecunnett High School in Hampton, N.H. . At that age, I also played U.N.H. fraternities, Marty's Steak House, as a soloist alone.Later on, I went onto playing Jazz Guitar and then kept on furthering with the guitar and played Classical Spanish Style Guitar, the Highest Form Of Guitar playing, technically. I began COMPOSING at the age of 15 years old and now play only all original compositions for guitar.Also, at age 20, I fell in love with the Hammond Castle Pipe Organ in Gloucester, MA. . I began keyboard study at that age for a very short period with several different teachers. Piano: Rose, Ruth Price Silver. Organ: George Bozeman. I am 98% self-taught on keyboard. I studied on my own for keyboard and keyboard composition. I've written numerous classical pipe organ compositions, some very complicated works. I have also composed some classical piano pieces.I have 4 C.D. recording titles named:#1 C.D.: "SHADOWS OF MY SOUL"#2 C.D.: "GRAND GUITAR WORKS"#3 C.D.: "ANOTHER PLACE AND TIME"# 4 C.D.: "PARAMOUNT"C.D. #1 and #2 are on the market at selected places.C.D. #3 and #4 will be coming out.I am available for live performances for guitar or keyboard, for any kind of venues, including, Private House Parties, Weddings, and Funerals.I am also interested in hearing from other musicians as well for possible future opportunities/collaborations.

C.D.'s Available Upon Request.

Classical Pipe Organ, Original Composition Books Available Upon Request.


Location: Maine, USA

Cell Phone: (207)