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About: Sprouts #1: Portland, Me.-2/14/11
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About: Composer Phillip Kane Enjoying Guitar-Farmington, Me.-12/10
About: Andante-Farmington, Maine-12/10
About: Composer Phillip Kane-Rangely, Maine-01/08
About: Composer Phillip Kane in Montpelier, Vt.-4/26/10
Biography of Composer Phillip Kane

I am a classical composer of classical Latin style guitar, the Romantic period, Italian minuets, and Spanish flamenco. I play all original guitar works. I have played numerous performances at all kinds of venues. I have been asked to go on a radio station in Maine and N.H., and on Maine T.V. networks. I have played at weddings, country clubs, wine tasting events, restaurants, cafes, and all kinds of facilities. I began playing rock guitar at age 7 and am completely self-taught. At age 16, I won a Battle of the Bands with my power trio band, named Sea Bird, playing my originals and a lot of Jimi Hendrix music and Eric Clapton, the guitar giants. I won the battle over two other bands, whose members were much older than me, in their thirties, at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, N.H. At that age, I also played at U.N.H. fraternities, Marty's Steak House, as a soloist alone. Later on, I went on to playing jazz guitar and then kept on furthering with the guitar and played classical Spanish style guitar, the highest form of guitar playing, technically. I began composing at the age of 15 years old and now play only all original compositions for guitar. Also, at age 20, I fell in love with the Hammond Castle pipe organ in Gloucester, MA. I began keyboard study at that age for a very short period with several different teachers. Piano: Rose, Ruth Price Silver. Organ: George Bozeman. I am 98% self-taught on keyboard. I studied on my own for keyboard and keyboard composition. I've written numerous classical pipe organ compositions, some very complicated works. I have also composed some classical piano pieces. I have 4 CD recording titles named:
#1 CD: "Shadows of My Soul"
#2 CD: "Grand Guitar Works"
#3 CD: "Another Place and Time"
#4 CD: "Paramount"
CD #1 and #2 are on the market at selected places.
CD #3 and #4 will be coming out.
I am available for live performances for guitar or keyboard, for any kind of venues, including private house parties, weddings, and funerals. I am also interested in hearing from other musicians as well for possible future opportunities/collaborations.

CDs available upon request.

Classical pipe organ, original composition books available upon request.


Location: Maine, USA

Cell Phone: (207) 418-4740
E-mail: composer.phillip.kane@outlook.com
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