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About "Na Me Own My Bodi Feat. Akua Naru"

"Na Me Own My Body"is a song by and for women, one centering on their greater empowerment amidst continuing oppression, whether in Nigeria or the US. At the heart of all patriarchy is refusing women the right to own their own bodies, and “Na Me Own My Body” takes this oppression head on, with BANTU’s two main female vocalists taking the lead in a direct riposte to Nigeria’s President Buhari’s infamous quip during a visit to Germany that his wife’s place was in the kitchen and bedroom. The response starts with the high energy up tempo intro, with horns cascading like the words of reproach by every woman forced to defend her humanity, freedom and equality to a man with half her abilities and talent but twice her power in society. “Na me, na me, Na me own my body, My spirit and my mind all belongs to me. Can’t keep on gagging me, Stifling and threatening me, Abusing, oppressing me. You no fit sideline me at all” – Words for a revolution-in-the-making that lead into a powerful rap by renowned African American rapper Akua Naru, who brings the same energy she first showed performing at Afropolitan Vibes with BANTU to the recording studio.