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Andre Perim
Influences: Latin American
Genres: instrumental, psychodelia, prog- rock, minimalism, afro-brazilian
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Andre Perim- Brazilian composer, pianist, and keyboard player has developped a unique work of creation and research based on the afro brazilian heritage with the influences of the experimental mood of the 70 prog rock and psychodelia. Released in 2014, his debut album Dágua, interelly instrumental, has received positive reviews from the specialized press, as well as good airplay in Radios from Netherlands, Italy,UK,Greece, USA and Canadá. For more than ten years Perim has studied arrangement and popular piano with Leandro Braga and candomblé religious Rythms with Mestre Humberto. In the 90´s took part in the reggae movement in Brazil being a permanent musician in the band of de Rás Bernardo (former leader of da Banda Cidade Negra)

In the shows Andre Perim is playing with Wellington Soares (Percussion), Fábio Gomes (Percussion), Rodrigo Sebastian (Bass) and João Pedro (theremin)