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February 02/07/23, 2023
Puppets of Castro Reveal Video for the Pop Rock \ Songwriter Dan Bern ('Dewey Cox', 'Get Him To The Greek') says this about the newest album from Puppets of Castro: “The new Puppets of Castro album is catchy philosophical pop that ranges from radio-friendly rockers to tunes that could be a Murakami short story set to music. 'Nude Descending an Elevator' is sure to please hard core fans and newcomers alike.”

The pop rock album is loaded with fun, hooky songs, as well as lovely ballads, all featuring their trademark witty and intelligent lyrics, making Puppets of Castro stand out amongst the rest. The song "Thank You At The Grammys" from 'Nude Descending an Elevator' is a tight, hilarious rocker, sounding like an amped up Joe Walsh meets The Violent Femmes.

Lorand says "the song was written during a diet Mtn. Dew binge while driving, wildly scribbling notes on a clipboard, while steering with my knees, to the horror of nearby drivers."
The band features the songs of singer/songwriter Andrew Lorand, with guest vocals by Darryl Purpose.

Watch the video for "Thank You At the Grammys" here:

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