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January 01/31/23, 2023
The Dorons Captivate with Their Alt Pop Rock Single \ “Honey from the Hive” is one the alternative rock singles from The Doron´s debut album, 'The Doronic Verses,' out now.

This catchy pop rock alt rock song is a story about one woman's morals and how they change over time according to her life experiences.

With wistful guitar and lyrics, “Honey from the Hive” develops out into a more embellished rock song, electric guitar twangs and percussion and the occasional minor note highlights the emotions she is feeling.

“Little by little she has allowed herself to loosen the protective moorings that had been keeping her actions and her value system intact and anchored to one another, until she is horrified to find herself well into “enemy territory”, Shares Janice …

“She was not a captive victim, but a willing passenger on a vessel she helped to navigate! When she finally awakens and recognizes just how costly the ticket for her “pleasure cruise” is proving to be, she jumps ship, taking responsibility for her part in the fiasco, and admonishes her partner in crime to do the same.”

The Dorons have just released their brand new album 'The Doronic Verses.' This 4 piece band hail from Providence, Rhode Island and carry a funky style of alternative rock.

The Dorons are a family too! Dad Norman on lead guitar, mom on the drums and brothers Aryeh and Yosef on bass and lead vocals and guitar. It all began when, one day, Aryeh Rosenfield was a music major in college and he decided to perform with the rest of his family for a senior recital.

Parents Norman Rosenfield and Janice Kaidan were retired musicians who had played in many different bands throughout the 1980´s and 1990´s, and had been part of the Boston music scene. Rehearsing for months in advance of the recital, the family group really took off and the band The Dorons were formed!

Their album 'The Doronic Verses' is full of contemporary folk songs, alternative rock. With sensitive and thoughtful lyrics, melodic guitar verses and a strong acoustic folk sound as its foundation, The Dorons have crafted an album of 11 songs in true musical style.

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