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About "Jabbar Lambey demonstrates Garifuna rhythms"
Jabbar Lambey of the Lebeha Drumming Center in Hopkins, Belize, demonstrates the traditional Garifuna rhythms heard on their latest album, Biama. Rhythms include: Punta 1 &2, Chumba, Paranda, Hüngühüngü, and Wanaragua.
About "How to Play Sundanese Drum (Kendang)"
This video presents a demonstration of the Sundanese playing techniques which is how to produce a various sound is included. Other than that, the tutorial is equipped with symbols2 notation to make it easier to follow every single rhythm and sounds tha...
About "How To Play Sundanese Bamboo Flute)"
This video contains a demonstration of Sundanese Bamboo Flute (Suling) during my visit at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas, United States, in 2018. This video is only part or footage of the Sundanese musical instrument workshop program, where...
About "Nimkish guitar lesson1"
I did three videos for a step daughter who is an emerging young artist. SO Miigweech
About "How To Play Sundanese Bamboo Flute (Suling) Four - holes."
This video presents a Sundanese flute learning method, especially the four-hole flute using the hole-pitched drawing method. This method can be applied in primary and secondary schools. Etude Suling in the form of an image application was made by mysel...
About "Trailer for Changgo Workshop"
A short introduction to my changgo workshop.
About "Sequarh - What Wrong Ft. Quenellx95 (Equalizer Soundtrack)"
Equalizer Soundtrack by Sequarh and Quenellx95. Rec X95WORLDMUSIX.
Afropop Music.
Artists: Sequarh and Quenellx95