Artist friends, ensembles and bands related to the 1000 Drums Africa Festival Leipzig, so far — 5(2023) Leipzig Africa Festival:
International Socio- and Intercultural Africa Festival »1000 Drums« in Leipzig / Europe 2019ff.


Below, but still under construction and expansion, you will find references to text, images, sound and addresses that can be supplemented, mainly self-disclosures and proportionate information from third parties about those who have been involved in our Intercultural Africa Festivals and friends over the years Artists, Ensembles and Bands. (Slight corrections and emphasis were sometimes made to the original texts from internet sources on/by artists and ensembles; in any case, express reference is made to the sources and copyrights of the authors - we are always happy to accept requests for changes and additions.)

Artist information (HTML version with links, photographs and media embed cf.

#African Brothers Acrobats
»The African Brothers acrobats are the sensation you always wanted to see! Their dynamic show will amaze audiences with dance, limbo, fire eating, human pyramids and more. It is not only extremely entertaining but also educational. The African Acrobats have performed in over 300 venues including Disneyland and

#African Cultural Band
The ensemble African Cultural Band from Sukuta in Gambia consists of three musicians in the formation Kora, singing and African percussion - a larger cult around their personalities is far from them... During the Gambian event parts of the 2nd Intercultural Africa Festival 1000 (African) drums under They gave several concerts under the motto Operation No Backway to Europe

#African Fairy Tales and more: Ursula Branscheid-Kouyaté
»I tell African fairy tales, accompanied by balafon and kora music and singing. ›Djatta, the drumming lion‹ and ›Konjigiba the cheeky monkey‹ also appear as attractions. In Africa, in the absence of televisions, people sit together in the yard in the evenings and grandmother tells stories. In between she sings the accompanying songs. I tell stories

#Alpha Oulare
Djembéfola Alpha Oulare, February 2022 in Leipzig « Alpha Oulare est né à Faranah, d'un famille Malinke de Guinée Conakry. Des l'age de 5 ans, il a commencé a jouer au petit tambour. Il se raconte: ‹ J'ai vu le Djembé dans mes rêves, après être sorti d'une salle de culture où j'avais connu Ma

#Apa Vovo (2018)
The flyer sent to us by the band in 2019 in graphic form above. [Text: The musical group APA-VOVO, or: the meeting between afro and rock. When East German rock meets West African music (from Togo), that's when the band Apa-Vovo, a musical group founded in Leipzig, was born. The band has an original rhythm that

#Arba Manillah & Mambo Vipi
»MAMBO VIPI is a colorful drum band from Chemnitz. They play, sing and dance various traditional African songs and rhythms. It was founded in 2012 by Arba Manillah from Iringa, Tanzania from a drum class. In the meantime they have already recorded their first album. The name ›MAMBO VIPI‹ comes from the Kiswahili language and means: ›How are you?‹ The

#Bala Ranks
»Bala Ranks [is] one of the most famous Afro-Reggae singers, songwriters and guitarists from The Gambia. Touring and studio work experiences in Europe and Africa.« ( »Born on 26 July 1980, Musa Kuyateh, popularly known as Bala Ranks is a Gambian Afro-reggae artist born in a family of griots. His family has a number of singers and players of

»SAMBA LEIPZIG – WELCOME. Brazilian percussion combines rhythm, power, momentum and tact, as well as the joy of life and movement. If you also want to be carried away by this impressive music, you will find information about my offers on these pages. I look forward to meeting you! – Marian Kania«* ( [* »Beating since I was fourteen

#Bouba Diakite
»Bouba Diakité is a Berlin based drumming school.« (Afrobizgermany) »Drummer, dancer, singer, choreographer... Bouba Diakité is an artist through and through. With his open, warm, inspiring manner, he always manages to cast a spell over people. Anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the energy created together in this way will become this moment

#Capoeira Leipzig Ginga de Corpo
»Group Ginga de Corpo has existed in Leipzig for over ten years, inspired and directed by Mestre Will. We appreciate a mixture of traditional and modern Capoeira aspects and see ourselves as a community that finds its enthusiasm in Capoeira through collaboration. Born in Brazil, Capoeira rose to become a Brazilian cultural asset over the course of several centuries and is now

#Christian Bakotessa
GUITARIST, SINGER, COMPOSER »Pierre Christian Bakotessa Kobolo (born October 20, 1980 in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo) is a German-Congolese musician. Bakotessa grew up with his uncle in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, because his parents were too young to take care of him. At 17, he joined the town's church choir. After the military

#Commander Messiah
+++++ he was born in nigeria on the 3rd of december 1973, grew up in ghana, now based in germany + odey edu popularly known as »commander messiah« is from yala local government area of ​​cross river state, born into late rtd sergeant gabriel teacher edu and cristiana edu family at 190 battalion owode

#Dembo Jobarteh
Not to be confused with information on the person of Dembo Jobarteh 1976–2008, we can try to provide the following information about Dembo Jobarteh as he will attend our 2023 festival with Kora recitals and Kora workshops: »Born in 1967 [?], Dembo Jobarteh is a member of a famous African griot family. The nephew of

#DJ Hot Hammer (Top Vibez Sound)
»DJ Hot( )Hammer from Gambia-Italy-Germany plays Dancehall, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop and Trap... Since we all only play well, vybz 2 all the Music Lovers.« (M. S. — DJ Hot Hammer dal Gambia-Italia-Germania Suona Dancehall, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop e Trap… Visto che tutti noi suoniamo solo bene, vybz 2 tutti gli Amanti della Musica.) || Contact / News / Booking /

#DJ King Buntaloo
Dear DJ King Buntaloo, please send us some information about yourself - thank you in advance! YILP International eV // NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTION VIEWS (since counting from October 27th, 2021): 825 More readings? DJ King J Che on request: Publications: Information material from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation Berlin (updated: April 2023) Bouba Diakité Renewed acknowledgments, June 2020

#DJ King J Che
Dear DJ King J Che, Please send us additional information to complete this information about you as an artist. We thank you in advance. YILP International eV // NUMBER OF POST VIEWS (since counting from October 27th, 2021): 814 More readings? DJ King Buntaloo Children's aid project GamKids: online donations, donations in kind, school sponsorships for Gambian children and young people on

#DJ Randy
»DJ Randy is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. […] In 2011 he started as a DJ with the main genre being Afro Beat. He soon made a good name for himself in Leipzig and the surrounding area. This contributed to the fact that the location in which he djed became more and more crowded and to the fact that he also received offers from other promoters. Later

#DJane Marcela
Business card EVENTS & TRANSLATION (phone)

#Dolus Mutombo & Bena Kwetu
»Since 2013 Dolus Mutombo & his band have been playing music together. Bena Kwetu currently has four band members. The main instruments are being played by Tobias (piano), Ralf (e-bass) and Andreas (percussions) and Amuri (guitar). The bands' highlights in 2016 were playing at the African Festival in Leipzig and Freudenstadt and taking part at

#Group Culture Sangw'ikiyago zone Ngagara (National Ballet of Burundi)
We are the Burundians drumming! THE GROUP BALLET NATIONAL founded in 1987, started with 27 members. They range in age from eight to 50 years. The group performs the Burundian dance, which is an old traditional dance and was usually played for Kings. The dance should bring people together and aims to bring happiness and

#Jah Hero
»After many years of playing in bands and in collaboration with other musicians, Jah Hero finally released his highly anticipated debut solo album ›Chants of Freedom‹ on the 16th of March 2016. Recorded in Berlin, where the artist now resides, this album is packed with international influences, and describes a courageous journey of compelling

#Jalikebba Kuyateh
»Singer, Kora Player, Songwriter« ( »Jalikebba Kuyateh is a dynamic kora player and singer from The Gambia. He belongs to the Mandinka ethnic group and grew up in a traditional griot family. His concert activities regularly take him to many European countries. Jalikebba has produced several CDs and his songs have been in the ›top of the charts‹ several times

#Juffureh Band of Sukuta in The Gambia
»West-African Music ensemble earlier also known as Super Juffureh Band International, temporarily performing as side project Dembadou Band 2009. Genre: World Music / Afro Manding / Gambian Afrobeat / Dance Music / African Funk / Independent Music… According to critics, they are ›one of the most influential bands in The Gambia‹, but still mostly

The French ensemble ›KokobaSaï‹ comes from different cultural and musical origins and takes you into a powerful mixture of percussions and Guinean traditional singing, blues and guitar improvisations, is mystified by didgerdidoo and guttural singing. This frenzied mixture takes you straight to the heart of the jungle, that of magic, that of frenzied dances, the aborigines and Africa. (Self-disclosure

»Modern Manding Music & Dance from Burkina Faso« ( »Workshops: percussion, balafon, N'goni (West African harp), dance. Lanaya (Trust) won two awards in 2013: 1st Prize: Sharq Taronalari, International Competition in Uzbekistan by UNESCO[,] and the Creole Prize Berlin-Brandenburg. All musicians come from Burkina Faso, West Africa and can draw on the rich cultural and musical heritage of the people living there

#Lancei Dioubate
A longer excerpt from the artist's homepage as part of the Wontanara collective is permitted here: »Growing up in a griot family, LANCEI DIOUBATE learned to play various instruments as a child in Guinea (Conakry). Members of griot families such as the Dioubate and Kouyaté (to which he belongs on both his father's and his mother's side) are more oral in West Africa as custodians of history

»We are 14 women. Our enthusiasm for West African dance and drum music brought us together. We play and dance on djembes and doundouns - some of us for more than 15 years, others have just discovered their passion for it. And we enjoy sharing our joy and passion for this music with others

#Mamadi Kouyate
»MAMADI KOUYATE: Balafon & Djembé. Born in 1990 in Bamako (Mali), grew up in Niagassola (Guinea), from 1999 balafon lessons with grandfathers and uncles. In Niagassola, the UNESCO-protected Ur-Balafon ('Sosso Bala') from 1205 is kept under lock and key. It is only taken out and played one day a year. Only one person is allowed to play it: the guardian. He is

#Mandingkora Band
The »Mandingkora Band plays traditional West African music that dates back to the 11th century. Founded in Leipzig by Kalilu Kanuteh.« ( Kalilu Kanuteh – Kora. »Kalilu Kanuteh was born in The Gambia, West Africa. His father, Fabala Kanuteh, is a well-known balafon player in Gambia and his mother, Fatou Diabaté, are Griots from the Manding people in

"Ancient beat orchestra" ( »Music is necessary. It is in all aspects of our lives. Mayakan understands music in the context of the current human situation. This is a challenge. We aim to be thoughtful, creative, and give music that makes you think. True, there are many spiritual elements from different faiths in our music. we

#Mbila Band
»Music from Africa in Dresden« ( »On December 7, 1996, some Mozambicans met in a basement in Radebeul and because they enjoyed making music, they wanted to found a music band. At the beginning they had only a few instruments and hardly any technology. At that time they mainly played in the student club of the Technical University of Dresden. From the fee could

#Mborodis Group & Simba Group
The dance ensembles Mborodis Group and Simba Group from Sukuta in Gambia, accompanied by the Taranga Cultural Group, gave 1000 (African) Drums performances in parts of the Gambian events of the 2nd Intercultural Africa Festival, excerpts of which could be recorded on video. »A short history about how I started and what really inspired me to become a Zimba.

#Melissa Hie
« [S]oliste djembé/sabar/balafon (Bordeaux). Percussionist and dancer, elle est une des musiciennes au féminin du groupe Benkadi de Bordeaux. Formée à l'âge de neuf ans par son père aux instruments traditionnels tels que le balafon et le barra, c'est au djembé que Mélissa s'est révélée. Elle intègre asor plusieurs formations de genres different en tant

#Mo Bittaye
Master drummer Mohammed Bittaye was born in The Gambia. From an early age he recognized his passion for playing the drum and dancing. In 1990 he became champion at the Gambia National Youth Week with the Darragi Cultural Group, which then won the national championship for culture and drama in 1991 and defended the title until 1995.

#Modou Seck & Ensemble Tam Tam Magic
»MODOU SECK was born in Dakar/Senegal in the caste of the Griots. Griots are drummers, dancers and singers who uphold and preserve the traditions of their tribe through the practice of their art. He was a member of the National Ballet and had already worked in Senegal as a teacher in the rhythmic education of children and young people. His craft, as well as the

#Nungu Kina
»African Drum & Dance«. »An African drum band from Leipzig. ›Ndungu Kina‹ comes from the Kiyombe language spoken in Congo and means ›drum and dance‹. Because the Leipzig band inspires their audience with traditional African drums, their rhythms, singing, dancing and shows. They convey the African mentality with joy and ease

#Noma Nkwali
"Musician, Actress, Dancer & Entrepreneur based in Europe & Zim. It's all about music" ( »Noma Nkwali (born Nomathamsanqa Mkwananzi in Bulawayo Zimbabwe) is a Zimbabwean artist based in Germany. In 2006 Nkwali landed a role as a lead singer and dancer in the circus show ›Mother Africa‹. She went solo in 2015 and released

#Papa Dula Band
»The ten-strong Papa Dula Band has grown out of the art and culture venue of the same name in the city of Halle an der Saale since 2012 with a changing line-up. The resulting reggae type is better described by singer and bandleader Abdul as boomfire reggae. He is fully behind the rhythm and the expression of the sound, both vocally and in terms of dancing. The

#Rama N'Goni
»'Rama N'Goni' [real name Alimatou Djakité] was born in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. She started making music at the age of four with her father, Limani Fatié Traoré. He taught Rama to play the N'Goni. The N'Goni is traditionally only played by Hunters and Dozos. Rama is next to her instrument, which she plays perfectly,

#Rebellion The Recaller
»Rebellion the Recaller (also Rebellion Da Recaller or Rebellion, actually Bafoday Drammeh or Bafode Dramé; *1979 in Paris, France) is a Gambian reggae singer. Rebellion the Recaller was born in France to West African immigrants. From the age of eleven he lived in The Gambia. There he was a member of the band The Inspired Ones before pursuing his solo career

»The Roots Manding drum, dance and song group are five to eight artists from Africa. Her musical roots lie in playing the traditional rhythms and melodies of West Africa. The most important instrument of the group is the kora (African harp lute), accompanied by drums and dance.« ( Diehi Tanguy Franck – Doundouns. Abdou »Sam« Jarju - vocals & kora - see

#Sam & Reggae Manding Band
»The Sam & Reggae Manding Band is a band formed in Dresden in 2000 and now based in Leipzig. The different musical and cultural origins of the musicians are expressed in a mixture of traditional West African manding rhythms and reggae sounds. The band plays in a classic reggae formation.« ( Karl Blütchen – drums. Abdou "Sam" Jarju. »Band leaders, Kora players,

#Samba da Palmeira Pintada
»Brazilian rhythms from Leipzig« ( »In 2002, the first Leipzig Samba enthusiasts came together to form a Bateria, and in 2008 the Samba Pintada eV was founded. A lot has happened since then: people have come and gone, the musical spectrum has expanded, the name has been changed to Samba da Palmeira Pintada, and we have numerous samba performances, parties and excursions

#Sarr Kairaba
SARR KAIRABA is a master of drum music from Senegal, known for the National Ballet of Senegal, on concert tours in Spain, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the world, active since 1978 until today. Drummer in the National Ballet of Senegal. Training at the Lycee Lamine Gueye. Dakar hometown / Leipzig current place of residence. ( »SARR KAIRABA is a musician with Senegalese

#Shaun Gracie
»Shaun Gracie studied for 25 years with various masters (Yamoussa Camara, Alisco Diabate, etc.) in the USA and Guinea and was a percussionist in various ensembles. He has lived in Germany since 2000 and founded Ashé Outou and Mayakan in Leipzig. Shaun teaches West African drumming, culture and history and dance accompaniment.« ( ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE 1ST INTERCULTURAL

#Soy Deging
// NUMBER OF POST VIEWS (since counting from 10/27/2021): 844

»Cameroonean musician, rapper and producer.«( social media: e-mail: phone contact: 015214616481 ——* // NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTIONS VIEWS (since counting from 10/27/2021): 28 More readings? Image impressions from Leipzig and Gambia Noma Nkwali AFRICA FESTIVALS : UPDATE (!): Preview, ORIENTATION & also help for accreditation as artists for : Africa Festivals and African Culture Days in the Federal Republic of Germany

#Tagna Fuse
“We are Tagna Fuse. A band from Leipzig that has set itself the goal of merging North-West-African Gnawa with funky and jazzy sounds to create an unmistakable and intoxicating sound. Polyphonic vocals, driving percussion and melodious guitars accompany the booming Guembri on its world tour and lead you through sensitive passages to ecstatic flights of fancy. Love

#Taranga Cultural Group
The Taranga Cultural Group from Sukuta in Gambia, a percussion and vocal ensemble, accompanied the dance performance of the Mborodis and Simba groups during a Gambian event part of the 2nd Intercultural Africa Festival 1000 (African) Drums. Unfortunately, we only have little information about the musicians themselves... // NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTION VIEWS (since counting from October 27th, 2021): 1,336 More readings? review

#Teacher Oliver Band
Self-disclosure of the band in March 2022: We are the Teacher Oliver Band from Halle an der Saale or originally from Tanzania. Our lead singer Oliver has been in Germany since 2014. He composed most of the songs himself and teaches them to his "students", his band members. Hence "Teacher Oliver". Our music is a mix of reggae, afro beat

#Trio Farema
»Music and dance inspired by Latin American music and West African rhythms and dances from Guinea. A trio performance with power.« (Fête de la musique Leipzig, 2023) * // NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTION VIEWS (since counting from October 27th, 2021): 43 More readings? Wontanará Ndungu Kina Bouba Diakité Lanaya Review of the previous festivals (programme, programs and thanks), end of NOVEMBER

»The full moon orchestra consists of musicians from Leipzig, who turn the full moon night into a lavish dance night every month. The musicians, with different musical backgrounds, are united by their love of playing and improvisation, as well as the reinterpretation of old classics. The repertoire ranges from funky standard, to hot, dusty Latin/Soul, or Afrobeat with a respectful bow to Fela Kuti & Co, to

"African Dances and Music in Leipzig" ( »The 'Music Collective Wontanara' is a collective of musicians and dancers who live in Leipzig and are enthusiastic about art and African culture. The ›Collective Wontanara‹, which sometimes appears in a cast of two and sometimes in a cast of over 15 people, sees itself more as the result

#Yard Vibes Crew
they are welcome about every year (!) , and we are thankful and glad about their musical support for our African reggae concerts part : from the yet legendary band's Technical Rider, read below their on before collaborations … »YARD VIBES CREW IS A ROOTS REGGAE BACK-UP BAND BASED IN GERMANY AND HAS A MIXED


You can also listen to a Soundcloud playlist of fellow musicians here : cf.

We were very happy to create supplementary lists for the artists, ensembles and bands listed above:

♬ Videos of her, until 2020 cf.

♬ Video update, early 2021 cf.

♬ Videos of musicians and ensembles, bands participating in the 4th Africa Festival 2022 cf.

PPS. Festival Concert Records

In addition, we will soon be able to publish the results of the multi-track audio recordings
of all concerts of the 4th Festival 2022 (professionally painstakingly reproduced) (even if this is a few weeks later than initially announced). . .

Here are recordings of almost the first four years:

♬ 2019 audio: concert bootlegs cf.

2 (2020) Gambia and Leipzig »1000 (AFRICAN) DRUMS« cf.

♬ 2020 audio: concert bootlegs and feature [external] cf.

3 (2021)? Incidentally, due to a mishap, the few recordings from 2021 at the 3rd festival were unfortunately deleted at the venue, i.e. overwritten on their data carriers, so no concert was preserved!

♬ 4 (2022) audio again: concert bootlegs cf.

pPPS ! Registration form for musicians, ensembles and bands of African music and reggae for the upcoming festivals in 2023 and already in 2024ff. °
(° The upcoming festival is to take place again in the Kulturfabrik WERK 2 in Leipzig Connewitz at the end of August 2023 — the date has now been defined and project applications have been approved, partially approved and still in further preparation, on the way.)
... We as organizers of the annual 1000 Drums Africa Festival and all those involved in this festival welcome new and repeated registrations from ensembles and bands, unsolicited applications from musicians of African music and African Reggae or their agencies via the following contact form (but We also gratefully accept free letters throughout the year) :

> Invitation and question form for artists, ensembles and bands of African and world music: for a cooperation with us in future Africa festivals and beyond... (Please get in touch / just contact us!) cf.
— We may not be able to realize your joint participation in the festival this year, but would like to make a note of you for the line-up of later episodes, also other concerts in Leipzig throughout the year and meanwhile help to spread your artistic concerns as far as we can via website- Blog and virtualization: text, image, sound, moving image presentation.

You can also get in touch with us freely in other ways (by telephone, via Messenger, in direct speech, by letter or newsletter) or (if you are too far away locally or prevented by time) you are very welcome to send us video/sound messages, which we will send to you in person want to play, embed, transmit and store the virtual festival portion non-commercially. . .

You can find contact information for our association. . . here cf.

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International Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums at Leipzig, Federal Republic of Germany (annual since 2019) Prefaced: More on the festival project, all artist participations, project descriptions, reviews and outlooks you might find at the official festival website — thank you for your kind interest and consideration!

OUR COMMON CREDO. »The drum knows no borders, no countries, no skin color, the drum speaks the language of the heart and connects people.« (Damien Bilondo, founder of the en­semble ›Ndungu Kina‹ and one of more than 120 musicians who have taken part in the Festival of 1000 Drums so far.)

THE AFRICA FESTIVAL ›1000 Drums‹ (one year, in 2021, interim as ›African Nightlife‹) has been inviting drummers and guests to a joint event every year since 2019 to the City of Leipzig to make music, to concerts and workshops and thus enables artists, residents and guests to meet in this forum : in addition to barrier-free as possible African music concerts in an emphatically non-commercial or less commercial format, DJ music, dance, talks, drumming and other workshops for children, young people and adults an African bazaar is created at a public location in the city for two days with information stands, culinary offers of food and goods : African clothing, handicrafts, musicalia, accompanied by actions for children, on seating, standing and a stage. Accredited photojournalists are permitted to document the events in accordance with the law ; audio recordings and, in part, moving image recordings of the concerts are made for quite a number of those who are interested in Germany and abroad and are later processed and published for them. Within the annual Interactive community concert, after instruction and under the guidance of experienced musicians, the 1000 (rather 50) drums unite guests present in a shared play : all our guests are expressly invited to play along, bring their own drums and other musical instruments to the concert and thus one jam session, are invited to dance. Target group are / the festival is dedicated to and organized by : people with an African migration background and Roots, citizens of Leipzig and inter-/national guests, who thus make an important contribution to integration, but above all music lovers : adults, young people and families with children, all people interested on the continent of Africa antera. Announced and advertised, documented and virtualized in good time, the festival should go beyond Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony, as international music event be perceived in the long term and can have a touristic effect. As a community, we can, that is the goal, strengthen acceptance of African citizens in Saxony and Leipzig through the now regular open and mostly non-commercial event in which new perspectives on the continent of Africa are shown : still existing clichés and stereotypes about Africa should and can experience a change towards cosmopolitanism. Democratic culture, exchange and free participation are demonstrated, mutual acceptance and one’s own dignity are promoted. The festival also opens a forum of African Music in Europe and Overseas, one of her listeners and promoters, and invites you to the dialogue who seek to change prejudiced attitudes across generations and let them experience Africa’s cultural diversity. The culture of Leipzig, that of the Free State of Saxony and that of the Federal Republic of Germany contribute by this a celebration of peaceful encounter barrier-free music combining artistic genres, they create better understanding and general charity. In doing so, we are trying to reach an increasing number of guests, observers and interested parties in a better prepared manner every year and hope that the project will one day be classified in the context of larger, existing ones African Festivals in Germany and in Europe.



ON THE 5(2023) 1000 Drums Africa Festival on August 26/27th, 2023: cf.


Y.I.L.P. International e.V.,
West-African Diaspora Association in Leipzig and other cities,
on August, 2023 — see also other ressources at,,, !
Direct contact: / tel:00493412282399. more
About: 5th international Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums, August 26th/27th, 2023 in Leipzig / F.R.G.
About: 5th international Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums, August 26th/27th, 2023 in Leipzig / F.R.G.
The Y[outh] I[ntegration]—L[ivelihood improvement] P[roject] (Y.I.L.P.) registered organization benefitting to the public good, a West-African Diaspora association, are young people from The Gambia and Senegal, West-Africa, Germany and other nations. The main concern of our association is, on the one hand, to promote understanding and cooperation between cultures, and, on the other hand, to provide and provide practical help and support to both people in Africa and immigrants living here in Germany.

The purpose of YILP International e.V. (according to its articles of association) is:
— support for children, adolescents and young adults in need from and in The Gambia,
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— promoting the search service for missing persons,
— the procurement, distribution and monitoring of the use of funds to promote education and training in development cooperation,
— the promotion of culture and art.

The association is committed to the consistent implementation of rights of children and adolescents in The Gambia in order to enable a sustainable improvement of living conditions there. In particular, development obstacles and crimes such as genital mutilation, forced marriage of children, child pregnancies, prostitution and drug abuse should be stopped and access to education and health care should be made possible.

Our annual cultural projects also include the INTERNATIONAL INTER- AND SOCIOCULTURAL AFRICA FESTIVAL 1000 DRUMS in Leipzig (established in 2019), the musical yields of which we would like to present to anyone interested on this profile.


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