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About "Fri"
Fri (Free) is a song about liberation through the power of music and everything that unites us.

The song is featured on Vilsevind's 2022 record "Kelter och götar" (Celts and Geats) scheduled for release on April 14 2022. Preorder it now on https://vilsevind.bandcamp.com/album/...

Video based on the work of filmmakers Ron Lach, Matthias Gröneveld, Cottonbro, Kampus and Koolshooters.

Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson: Vocals
Stina Jadelius Engelbrecht: Vocals
Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson: Vocals, Irish bouzouki, percussion
Santiago Molina: Härjedalspipa, Uilleann pipes
Manuel Villar Lifac: Violin, contrabass, ronroco, charango
Albert Castillo Asenjo: Bodhrán, cymbals

Check us out: https://vilsevind.net