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Influences: Scandinavian , West European
Genres: nordic / celtic crossover
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February 2023 #29 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence Huldra (video)
February 2023 #28 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence A sailor's wife (video)
January 2023 #29 - Top 40 for Scandinavian Influence A sailor's wife (video)
Swedish folk act that blends the Nordic and Celtic musical traditions with newly-composed songs.

Though they are based in Gothenburg, the multicultural duo made up of spouses Johanna Gunnarsson and Sergio Ribnikov draw inspiration from Johanna’s native home, the Baltic isle of Öland.

Their new full-length album released on April 14 2022 bears the title Kelter och götar (Celts and Geats). Both through the music and the lyrics, this 11 track record seeks to bring together the Swedish and Celtic traditions. The songs are sung in Swedish, English, Spanish, Welsh, Latin, and in Oelandic dialect. The stories behind the lyrics take the listener back to a semi-legendary past where the peoples inhabiting Northern Europe shared life and lore. Musically, it is a darker and more archaic-sounding album than its predecessor, featuring complex arrangements and a string ensemble. Last but not least, it features guest singer Stina Engelbrecht (Sarek) on one of its tracks.