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VästanVind Jojk
About "Arjeplog - Arjeplog Town"
An old Sami jojk expressing Arjeplog town. Anders Hesekiel Matsson born in 1881 used to jojk this. He ancestors was jojk Arjeplog when they rowed from Stentorp to Arjeplog. They started to row at 08:00 in the morning and arrived in Arjeplog at 16:00 in the afternoon

"VästanVind Jojk" (West Wind Jojk), a duo from north Sweden that performs old jojk tradition in a new and unique expression.

Ronald Vikström and Jonas Strandgård of "VästanVind Jojk" have recently initiated a project based on recordings of the Sami people, recordings originally done by Swedish Radio in 1953-54. The intention was to save and collect Sami yoi... more
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