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About "PINAGSANGA - Small Island Big Song ft. Putad"
Pinagsanga begins with a spoken-word piece in Amis language by singer-songwriter Putad's own family - four generations of Amis women, a matriarchal indigenous nation of Taiwan.

Putad's Grandmother: We are the lineage of our people
Putad's Mother: Through our mothers
Putad: Maintaining the connection to our land
Putad's Daughter: Mummy

Pinagsanga is a collaboration, with -

Lead vocals, composer Putad - Amis, Taiwan
Paiwan chant, Jaw harp Sauljaljui - Paiwan, Taiwan
Purerehua Horomona Horo - Aotearoa/New Zealand
Kundu, shakers Richard Mogu - Papua New Guinea
Sanza Emlyn - Mauritius
Udu, Balafon Luc of Vaiteani - Tahiti
Warup, Kundu drum Airileke - Papua New Guinea & Australia
Monika Yumi Yet Bamboo Band - Bougainville
Valiha Tarika Sammy - Madagascar
four generations of Amis women of Putad's family (her grandmother, her mother, herself, and her daughter)
Music Producer Tim Cole - Australia


Director - Shih Ting Hung @shihtinghung
Performed - Putad Pihay
Special Appearance - Sauljaljui, Liyad Putad Pihay
Executive Producers - BaoBao Chen, Shih Ting Hung, Yu Cheng Tu & Tim Cole

Production Company Image Monster Co,.Ltd
Executive Producer Yu Cheng Tu
Line producer(pre-production) Penny Chen
Line Producer Hung Hsi Chiu
Line Producer Wen Yu Hsieh
Assisant Producer Guan Ying Cheng, Chih Yao Luo, Pei-Cih Jhang

Underwater Unit
Cinematographer Howell Chang
Assistant Camera Yi-Ting Liu

Drone Unit
Cinematographer Yu Cheng Tu
1st AC Chen Jia Yang
2nd AC Yu Hsiu Chen
Best boy Jun Shen Wang, Yu Chen Lin

Art Department
Art Director Michael Sabyan
Assistant Polly Chen

Costume Department
Tapa Cloth Designer Halomai
Costume fitting Siku Pihay
Costume Care Polly Chen

Safety Department
COVID Compliance Officer James Young Shih
Lifeguard Pei Chen Chang, Zih hao Li
On-set Yoga Teacher Chiou wen Chen

Post Production
Editor Shih-Ting Hung
Colorist Lynn Chiang
Post Production Producer Chen Jia Yang
Assistant Editor Yi Fang Su
Assistant Editor Yi Liang Liou
DI Artist James Wu

Behind the scenes Bon Wu

Music Producer - Tim Cole
Recording - Tim Cole, Richard Mogu, Airileke, Tafita, Luc Totterwitz, Kan Chan Kin
Mixing / Mastering - Tim Cole
Project Producer - BaoBao Chen

Supported by
Taiwan Creative Content Agency
Australia Council for the Arts
National Taitung University
Ling Tung University
HiONE World
Niceday production Studio
Chih Yao Luo
Precondition Productions
Akiyama House

Presented by Small Island Big Song

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