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About "Ajde Cure U Kolo / Derite Se Cipelice"
Ajde cure u kolo, već je kolo gotovo.
Derite se cipelice, valjda niste jedinice
Onda opet ini dini dana, evo mojega dragana
Derite se čižme moje, još su doma dvoje, troje.
Šebešička sitno šeće, a moj dragi k meni neće.

Young women dance until their shoes and boots fall apart. One has a sweetheart who looks at other girl, and does not want to come back to her.

“Singrlice” (Singirls) is an artist organisation founded in 2006. It brings together girls with years of experience in various folk ensembles, who were drawn together by the idea of combining modern music with traditional folk tunes. Their goal is to bring the traditional music closer to the wider audience.

The girls have crowned their love of folk music with a coll... more
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