August 08/04/23, 2023
Southern California singer/songwriter Tom Ciurczak (Sir Zak) offers up an infectious blend of energetic rhythms, danceable beats and powerful storytelling lyrics that make you think you are listening to a crossbreed of Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon and Steve Earle, complete with Eagles-esque harmonies and hook-laden Eric Clapton style guitar work. Brought up to appreciate the intricacies of music by his father, a professional musician at the Military Academy of West Point, Tom learned, early on, about music’s complex and distinct sounds and rhythms as well as the imagery that great storytelling can evoke. Tom is fully-committed to life on the road as he regularly performs at music venues throughout California’s Southland to promote his own brand of Heartland Rock.

Playing live several times a week in small venues throughout Southern California, Ciurczak entertains his listeners with his unique version of outlaw rock, a sound that is simultaneously classic and modern. He embraces the fading tradition of perfecting his songs live on stage, often inviting others to sit in, and telling the stories behind the music along the way. A natural showman, Ciurczak plans to debut a new stage band in late August; dates will be announced on his calendar:

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that I Ain’t Ever Growing Up has been welcomed at radio stations across America’s heartland, and by rock playlists like Given to Rock. Ciurczak continues to be praised for his storytelling abilities, instrumental prowess, and melodic throwbacks with a touch of humor. The Bandcamp Diaries referred to the album as, “a nostalgic journey that strikes a perfect balance between raw energy and soulful introspection, leaving listeners in the mood to look back on their own memories and cherish the good times they experienced and all the connections they made.” MakeMusicWith.Me writes that his storytelling abilities “paint vivid imagery and deliver suspenseful twists that instantly captivate the listener’s attention.”

With this album, Ciurczak finally shows his full range of musical styles and influences from Heartland Rock (“The Vault”), to ‘70s Prog (“Nights on Fire”), and Peter Gabriel-inspired World music (“Kilimanjaro Skies”). The styles of songs on the album, he says, pay homage to his musical heroes, and listeners will enjoy all new music with a retro feel inspired by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, Paul Simon and outlaw country singer-songwriter Steve Earle.

Ciurczak chose these eight energetic pieces from decades of songs he had written over the years while building a successful business, traveling, and raising a family. A few years ago, his daughter Kelly–who sings some of the background vocals on the album–encouraged him to begin sharing his songs with the world. In an exclusive with Lazie Indie Magazine, when asked about what advice he’d give artists like himself, he stated “I would tell someone to never give up on their dreams, because there will always be that lucky 10%.”