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About "Rastak and Liu Xijun 刘惜君 on CCTV-1 "
Our recent performance for the main Chinese TV channel, CCTV, was a thrilling experience for all of us at Rastak Music Group. The opportunity to showcase our unique sound and style to a massive audience was truly exciting.

Our collaboration with the Chinese singer Liu Xijun made the performance even more special. Working with such a talented musician and blending our distinct sounds was an honor. The collaboration was a true cultural exchange, and we hope it will inspire others to explore the beauty of cross-cultural collaboration.

We also performed one of our most popular pieces, Kamarey. The performance was a memorable experience for us, and we are grateful to CCTV and Liu Xijun for the opportunity to share our music with a wider audience. We hope to continue collaborating with musicians from around the world and spreading the message of peace and unity through music.