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About "Hymn To Her"
Hymn To Her is a cover song of an 80's classic recorded by Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders. Earthy production by Michael Phillip Wojewoda. North Indian tabla and acoustic instruments including accordion, piano and upright bass, give this version has a warm shimmer. lyrics are central - infinite feminine.
a totally re-invented ending; vocals repeating "... when everything's gone..." over low drone and spooky piano

"A perfect balance of worldly sounds, musical finesse and passion” ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, EDGE OF THE WORLD FESTIVAL, B.C.

At the crossroads of song, culture and philosophy ROAM weave haunting melodies and spirited rhythms through adventurous songwriting, taking listeners on a sensual journey through territories without borders.

New sophomore disc LUMINA rele... more
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