Periscope Ensemble
United Kingdom
Influences: West European , East European
Genres: jazz, poetry
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Our CD We recorded Circles of Compassion together in one room without headphones to allow spontaneous interaction which is so important to the way we sound.
You’re Ridiculous!
This music was inspired by my dear friend, Jeni Howland, after she told me I was ‘ridiculous’. I thought about that for a second and then said, ‘thank you very much’. I love to make people laugh so sometimes I do say ridiculous things. Listen to the end to catch the lyrics!
Circles Of Compassion
I wrote this tune in 2017 in response to some horrible news from another part of the world. I found the text by Albert Einstein, here read by Benedict Perkins, that conveyed the message I wanted to get across very succinctly.
Chloë’s Big Adventure
Chloë Jacquet, a published poet, was the inspiration for this title. It was simply a description of how our collaboration felt. I first saw her perform her poetry as part of an International Women’s Day event and was moved by her passion for telling it how it is. I invited her to collaborate with us and was blown away with the power of her poems about the inspiring people she wrote about.
Rachael Heather (Poem by Chloë Jacquet)
We usually work from a melody with chords or sometimes specific voicings or rhythmical figures. This music was improvised in the studio in response to Benedict’s performance of Chloë’s poem. I wanted to show another side to our musical approach. We recorded this in one take. I love our finished track as does Rachael Heather.
Who Are You Today? - (No.7)
This is one of 12 different pieces, with the same title, attempting to illustrate different personality types. It’s also my debut as a lyricist as I prefer to work with writers. You’ll have to listen to appreciate my lyrics. I hope you enjoy them! more
Photo by: Periscope Ensemble
About: CD cover
Photo by: Periscope Ensemble
About: Periscope Ensemble
Robert launched Periscope Ensemble inviting people he admired including musicians, poets, visual artists and dancers to join him on an exciting journey of discovery.

The eight musicians are invited to consider the written material as a starting point and interact with each other as well as the other artists involved. The most important outcome is to create a conversation.

Perfect for theatre spaces and festivals where the exciting theatrical aspects can be accommodated.