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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
About "Separation"
This song, inspired by Jim Morrison of the Doors, as well as Pink Floyd, whom I gifted the first-ever copy of my solo-album, 'Ion - My Golden Seeds' when they invited me in to their after-party, following their huge stadium concert in Copenhagen, 1994, was featured as the earhanger, 'Ugens Uundgåelige,' on Danish National Radio (DR) for several weeks in a row, later that same year. It is a deeply personal and autobiographical song, with a somewhat bitter text, written about my dear mother ("The Cancer is here" - as she is a Cancerean, in the Zodiac) and my dear father (who is a Pisces - "A Spine so much needed") as they were separating and ultimately divorcing each other, at the height of his music career, when I was only three years old...