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About "Afroplastique - Album Snippet"
Niasony - Afroplastique released 06/2014 Membran / Sony Music

Dancing in the rain. Afroplastique gets under the skin!

With her Debut Album Niasony presents an astonishing sketch for the afro-international Pop music of the future. In the 13 songs she sings in Lingala - her mother tongue - to modern beat constructions of Dub, Downtempo, Funk, Afro-Soul or Soukous - and it sounds more like cool Club sounds than so called world music. Niasony is exciting in an universal way: Pop friends will love her strong melodies, Soul fans indulge in her grooves.

Niasony explains the title Afroplastique in this way: “AFRO represents my roots and PLASTIQUE the poverty I’ll never forget. My first pair of child‘s sandals was made of plastic and I was very proud of it.“ She came from Congo to Germany at the age of 13. Like many of her compatriots she is torn between a “functioning“ Europe and a homeland which is affected by poverty and violence – especially against females. So the 13 fabulous songs on her album are authentic, pulsating, provoking and hypnotic- addressing topics like Orphans (Bana Ndeke) or Hunger - the rhythmic Soukous Soul of "sokoto".

So serious her issues (and her glance) are - her message is positive as her music: “Dancing in the rain is better than waiting for the sun!“