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About "Ponanini"
What is Ponanini about?
Ponanini means "Why" in Lingala, Niasonys native language. Ponanini tells the very personal story about feeling like an African Alien in the "civilized world". People around you acting like robots, focused on fulfilling their tasks. But what about emotions? Is it insane to express yourself? Or is it better to hide your true feelings behind a mask? Ponanini tells you about the struggle against the people who don't accept you as you are. And it's about the fear of becoming crazy at the end.

Song "Ponanini" taken from the Album "Metropol Cinema" by "Alien CAFÈ".

Text and Vocals: Niasony Okomo.
Music and Instruments: Ufo Walter.

Album released by Royal Flame Music GmbH - member of 22D Music Group.

Niasony - Pulsating groove from the Congo Niasony came from Congo to Germany at the age of 13. Like many of her compatriots she is torn between a “functioning“ Europe and a homeland which is affected by poverty and violence – especially against females. Niasony entrances her audience with an under the skin getting velvet voice and an unique balancing act of dance music a... more
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