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About "Oj, Na Hori Cvite Len"
We would like to present you a new piece of three Rusyn songs.

It might come out as an inexcusable move at the least everything proves so:

- we personally know very few Rusyns (Kamil, Maroš, Števo, Jano)
- songs happen to come to us in a weird ways (e.g. through Zuberec)
- we consult language via e-mails with several born Rusyns, but they basically never match
- confusion raises also in the basic terminology: we call them Rusnaks they themselves Rusyns, we call ourselves Slovaks, but attention, they call us Fakove!

But bid the heart ...

Muzička has a kind of special status on the Slovak traditional music and dance scene. It happened to be at the birth of the new movement in Slovak traditional music and dance interpretation in the 90-ties. Young musicians started to reject the previously established kitschy-romantic adaptations of traditional material and decided to dedicate their attention mainly to the study of authent... more
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