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About "Fire In Paradise (feat. Skarra Mucci)"
The latest single from Moana & the Tribe features Jamaican dancehall artist Skarra Mucci and was produced by Moritz v.Korff, bass player with French reggae band Dub Inc.
Fire in Paradise an infectious reggae single recorded across New Zealand, Germany and France, was released for New Zealand Music month 2016.
Fire in Paradise is a total remake of Whaura , a song Moana wrote in Maori as a tribute to the people of Timor-Leste for her 4th album Whā. While the lyrics still refer to the Pacific, their meaning is more pronounced now given the rise of global conflicts.
Jamaican-born Skarra Mucci has lent his distinctive rich vocal to 5 solo albums including two top sellers - Return of the Raggamuffin (Album of the year, France) and Greater than Great (winner of Best Dancehall Album).
The reggae/hiphop/R&B cross-genre artist has collaborated with the likes of Dub Inc, L'entourloop, Treesha, Soulforce, Lion D, Beenie Man and many more