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About "Jipang Jalu"
"Jipang Jalu" is a manifestation of the development of traditional Indonesian music today, especially Karawitan (read: the term traditional music in Indonesia).

In karawitan, musical instruments that are widely known today in the world are only gamelan, especially the Javanese gamelan. Even though other musical instruments such as Kacapi, Talempong (small gamelan from Minangkabau), and kendang sunda, are no less interesting instruments than Javanese gamelan. These instruments have a long history that is related to the culture of the people to perform certain rituals.

All of these musical instruments (kacapi, talempong and kendang sunda) in the song "Jipang Jalu" became important and interesting when composed with popular music instruments today (guitars, electric bass, flutes, and also quartet strings).

"Jipang Jalu" itself is the first song from Malire, a music group from Bandung (Indonesia), which was launched in early 2019