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Katarzyna Jackowska
About "Diabełek"
Diabełek // Little Devil
(from the album "W Międzyczasie" / In the meantime)

lyrics: Andrzej Jacobson
music: Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo

Kapela Jazgodki
Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo: vocal, accordion
Iwona Sojka: violin
Adam Cudak: mandoline
Marcin Sojka: percussions
Kuba Sojka: vocal, percussions



Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo

Born on the Baltic coast, a cultural anthropologist by education, a nomadic musician by nature.

Since 1998 she has been learning and performing ethnic and mediaeval music of Europe.She has learnt singing from the best masters, both school-trained and folk ones.

Since 2000 she has sung with the “Schola Węgajty&rd... more
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